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I graduated Cosmetology school in August of 2020. I was working as an LPN at the time, and I had looked forward to graduating because I was beyond ready to leave the job that I was at because I was absolutely miserable. When I had signed up for Cosmetology school, I had the intention of doing the nail tech program, but was convinced to do the entire Cosmo program because I could do anything, instead of being limited to nails only. While I don't necessarily have regrets, I do wish I would have received a LOT more education in the nail specialty. I left school and absolutely panicked, I couldn't bring myself to take any hair clients because I just wasn't at all confident enough to dive in, and I knew far too little about nails. After about 8 months, I decided I couldn't handle anymore of the work I was doing and I found another nursing facility in hopes it would make me happier, and discovered I just needed to get away from nursing all together. After 3 weeks at the new job, I had sent in to have my exam scheduled and once I got my worker's permit in, I quit. I was absolutely terrified because what if I failed my test? I'd have to wait for another permit and find another job until then, and as a single mother, failure was absolutely not an option. I watched SO many YouTube videos trying to learn how to lay acrylic, figure out which products and implements to use and how to use them. I had a practice hand that I worked on every single night, and posted my progress. I started taking clients at home until I found a salon and didn't charge, but told them if they felt compelled to tip it was much appreciated. By the time I had got into a salon, I had started building clientele and slowly but surely began to truly build my empire. It's been a year in this business and I have no regrets that I took this huge leap, and I hope that I can encourage others to follow through on their dreams no matter how big the obstacles in front of them seem. My goal is to build a community and offer resources and education to nail techs everywhere. 

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